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Taxes returns

German companies and private individuals are far from being able to submit their tax returns "on the back of a beer mat", as some politicians regularly demand. On the contrary – as German tax law becomes more complex, the bureaucratic workload involved in drawing up tax returns is rather on the increase. New electronic facilities (Elster) are not necessarily easing this situation, either.

Our tax consultants know their way around all this red tape as they carefully prepare your corporate or private tax returns, keeping you on the safe side of the law at all times. These are the most important tax returns for companies:

  • VAT: Companies whose net VAT payable exceeded 7,500 euros in the previous year are required to submit an advance VAT return for each month by the 10th of each following month. The advance monthly VAT return is not required when the net payable sum is below 1,000 euros.
  • Corporation tax:In accordance with Section 149 (2) of the General Fiscal Code, the corporation tax return for a year is to be submitted by 31st May of the following year. The tax office generally stipulates fixed quarterly advance tax payments.
  • Trade tax: Companies are also required to submit a trade tax return to their tax office, which duly stipulates the basic rate of trade tax and informs the local authority concerned. Quarterly advance payments are customary here, too.

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