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Optimising structural and organisational set ups for tax purposes

German tax law is highly complex, subject to frequent amendment and gives rise to new rulings by the fiscal courts on a daily basis. This opens up a broad spectrum of legal means of reducing your private and company tax burden. Our tax consultants keep abreast of the latest developments in the German tax system at all times and are able to discuss appropriate measures with you. Interesting starting points for optimising companies' organisational and structural set-ups for tax purposes include:

  • The choice of the ideal legal form for tax purposes. We work in partnership with renowned law practices in this area.
  • Exercising legally permissible disclosure and valuation options in connection with the annual financial statement.
  • Exploitation of divergent national tax rates within group organisations.
  • Optimum structuring of business successions and inheritances for tax purposes.
  • Exploitation of special tax provisions and allowances which are available for limited periods.
  • As several strategies may also prove effective simultaneously in establishing the ideal organisational structure for tax purposes, we draw up simulation calculations for you in order to demonstrate and compare the effects of the relevant organisational measures on your tax burden for future periods.

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