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Payroll accounting

SMEs today face a continual need to reassess their business processes and cut costs. The focus here tends to be on administrative tasks in particular, such as IT, legal matters, taxes and payroll accounting. These tasks do not generally form part of a company's core competencies and are thus increasingly outsourced to external specialists who are conversant with the latest developments at all times and generally work more cost effectively.

In addition to financial accounting, our firm attends to the complete scope of payroll accounting for SMEs from the Essen region.

  • Payroll accountingg: German social insurance law and collective agreements impose high demands on payroll accounting. We are aware of all changes in this area and ensure that your employees receive a correct salary statement on time each month.
  • Maintenance of master data: Our accountants keep personnel master data up to date in close consultation with our clients and manage the annual payroll accounts.
  • Statutory notifications: We relieve the workload on you as an employer by attending to notifications which are required by law, e.g. on social insurance under the Data Registration and Transmission Ordinance (DEÜV), on contributions to health insurance funds and wage tax returns.
  • Employment contracts: Our associate lawyers support companies which do not have a personnel department of their own in formulating employment contracts and clarifying other employment issues.

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NICKEL GmbH | Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Steuerberatungsgesellschaft l Alfredstraße 154 l 45131 Essen

NICKEL | Wirtschaftsprüfer, Steuerberater l Alfredstraße 154 l 45131 Essen

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