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Corporate planning

Professional corporate planning is crucial to ensuring that all areas of the company and all employees work purposefully towards the same objectives. Companies which set their targets too high or strive for the wrong objectives will be unable to perform to the best of their ability in today's severely competitive business environment. No-one can predict the future course of events with 100% accuracy. There are successful businessmen and businesswomen who have the right instinct for market trends, while in others this "sixth sense" is lacking. Planning is no substitute for intuition. Planning can support intuition and the capacity to think in scenarios, however.

Our experts will be pleased to advise you in your efforts to develop and optimise your corporate planning:

  • Planning models: A distinction can be made between strategic, medium- term and short-term planning. Strategic planning is concerned with your future business models, while medium-term planning applies these considerations in figures over a planning period of 3-5 years and short-term planning lends shape to your budget for the coming year.
  • Planning processes: The overall process begins with an analysis of the status quo (market, competitors, own strengths and weaknesses). This is followed by the definition of objectives, providing the benchmark for the development and evaluation of measures. The plan of action also includes statements on the implementation of measures.
  • Planning systems: No corporate planning can function without IT support and input of the required figures. As tax consultants and auditors we know which controlling and planning systems suit your company.
  • Planning intensity: Planning activities must not overstretch your organisation. Planning is not an end in itself. The aim must be to keep your corporate planning as lean as possible and to avoid bureaucratic systems.

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