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Expert opinions

In addition to auditing financial statements, undertaking special audits and company valuations, our accountants and tax consultants are also commissioned by courts of law, banks and companies to draw up the most diverse spectrum of expert opinions:

  • Opinions on reorganisations in accordance with IDW standard S6
  • Expert advisory services for courts of law in connection with auditing the receiver's final statement of account
  • Ascertaining settlements for retiring partners
  • Opinions on tax set-ups and balance sheet structures
  • Other judicial opinions

Opinions on reorganisations, which are generally required by banks or in connection with insolvency plan procedures, are a special focus of our expert advisory services. The requirements pertaining to the definition of such reorganisation concepts have been specified by the Institute of German Certified Public Accountants (IDW) in standard S 6. This standard requires the commissioned expert to specify the subject and scope of the mandate, to describe the underlying economic situation, to disclose the crisis level and the attendant causes, to present the mission statement of the reorganised company, to outline the reorganisation measures and to elucidate a realistic business plan.

The principles of sound reorganisation concepts also apply to our other expert opinions: Completeness, up-to-dateness, materiality, adequacy, clarity, transparency and correctness.

We also exploit one of our strengths – communications with banks and lenders – in the course of reorganisation phases.

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