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Consolidated financial statement

Companies which directly or indirectly control at least one subsidiary are required by German commercial law to draw up a consolidated financial statement. They are exempted from this requirement, however, when the group accounts are drawn up in accordance with international accounting standards (IFRS) or when certain size criteria are not exceeded with regard to number of employees, balance sheet total and sales revenue. Our accountants will be pleased to advise you as to which rules apply to your company and can be applied effectively in your interests.

The methods to be applied to group companies for the purposes of the consolidated financial statement depend on the influence of the parent company:

  • Full consolidation takes place in the case of subsidiaries under common control. Internal financial interrelations and supplies and services effected within the group are eliminated for the purposes of the balance sheet.
  • Proportional consolidation is carried out for companies under joint management (joint ventures). The subsidiary's assets and liabilities are included in the consolidated financial statement on a proportional basis corresponding to the parent company's percentage interest
  • Equity valuation is applied for associated companies over which the parent company exercises only substantial influence. Only the subsidiary's pro rata equity is shown on the consolidated balance sheet.

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