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Spepcial audits

In contrast to the auditing of annual financial statements in accordance with the statutory requirements of commercial or international law, special audits are only performed in connection with specific events, rather than at regular intervals. Our accountants possess a wealth of experience in these auditing areas and are able to offer individual solutions.

  • Special audits are mandatory in connection with the foundation of a company (in accordance with Sections 33-35 of the German Stock Corporations Act), transformation, capital increases, amalgamation and liquidation, for example.
  • Legal requirements for special audits apply in connection with incorporation procedures, management actions, incomplete reporting and the examination of dependencies.
  • Voluntary special audits include creditworthiness appraisals commissioned by banks and companies and audits for defalcation, for example. Audits to examine cases of corruption at companies are acquiring growing importance in this connection.

Communicating with banks and lenders is one of our strengths which may also come to the fore in special audits.

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